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Manually install tap driver on Windows 7 | Forum

mikem Aug 7 '13
OpenVPN requires a 'TAP' driver to manage it's network connection. A 'TAP' is just a software driver that acts like a regular ethernet port. Port Defender 4.1 will attempt to install a 'TAP' driver when it starts up and remove it when the program is closed. But we've seen some OS's that won't allow Port Defender to install the driver. So you have to do it manually.

You can add or remove TAP drivers from the 'Device Manager' window. Here's how to manually install a TAP driver in Windows 7 ...

1. Move your mouse to the right edge of your screen and select 'Settings'. Then choose 'Control Panel'. In the control panel select 'Device Manage'.

2. Right click on your computer name at the top of the list and choose 'Add Legacy Hardware'.

3. On the welcome screen click on 'Next'. On the wizard screen select 'Install the hardware that I manually select from a list' and click on 'Next'.

4. Scroll down and select 'Network adapters'. Click 'Next'.

5. Click 'Have Disk'.

6. On the 'Install From Disk' window click 'Browse' and find the file, 'OemWin2k.inf'. Select it.

7. Back at the 'Install From Disk" windows click OK.

8. Back at the 'Add Hardware' window click 'Next'.

9. Now you are at the 'wizard' window. Click  'Next'. Windows will install the TAP driver.

10. Last window, click 'Finish'. You are done.

You can verify that the TAP driver is installed from the 'Device Manager' window.

1. Open 'Network adapters'. There should be a line that says 'TAP-Windows Adapter V9'.

You can delete the  TAP driver from the 'Device Manager'.

1. Go to 'Device Manager'. Open 'Network adapters'.

2. Right click on the "TAP-Windows Adapter ..." and choose Uninstall.

That's it!